Friday, May 11, 2007

Call for links: debunking the malicious stuff

Mandolin had a suggestion I'd like to highlight and get some input on:

Andrea Dworkin/Germaine Greer/someone else said something complicated, and I have a reductionist summary of that which comes out to "men hate women" / "all sex is rape" / "something else catchy" ... why am I wrong? Only, competently stated.

The competent concise statement is always the tricky part, but I though while I'm working up to that some links to specific debunkings would be useful. Here's my favourite for debunking the "MacKinnon/Dworkin said all sex is rape" myth.

RadGeek (Geekery Today): Misquotation in Media: Catharine MacKinnon never, ever, ever, ever said “All heterosexual intercourse is rape.” Ever. Ever. (posted 19 February 2006)

Elizabeth Anderson, in a post quoted by RadGeek, said this:

Here’s a measure of how much a group is despised: how much malicious absurdity can one ascribe to its members and still be taken as a credible source on what they say and do?

So what's your unfavourite piece of malicious absurdity and what are your favourite debunkings of malicious absurdities about feminism?

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