Friday, March 09, 2007

OK, this blog has been moribund long enough

I'm actually going to try and get this thing going again.

Rather than try and generate material specifically for this blog, I'm going to make it more of a link farm (with occasional calls to activism). Every now and then I might do a roundup of material that answers FAQs.

This week was International Women's Day and Blog Against Sexism Day (although all feminist bloggers know that every day is Blog Against Sexism Day) and there are some great posts out there, collected at the official site.

One of them was Sage's Feminism 101 FAQ, which inspired me to do something here again.

1. Why do feminists all disagree? Feminism isn’t a movement, it’s an argument!

We all want to raise the status of women to the level of men, to feel safe and respected, and to have a fair and equal chance for all our opinions to be heard. Since the movement is all about choice and the ability to make our own decision that affect us, then it’s necessarily going to be a group fraught with differences. We’re all making our own choices. That’s the commonality. Trying to actively be allowed these choices is the movement. Butting heads along the way from time to time is the reality.

Any time someone posts an essay that fits into a Feminism 101 framework, I'd like to link it here, which means that I need to know they're out there. It's fine to add them in comments, but to get the best boost from search engine spiders they need to be linked in a post.

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