Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hello, world

It keeps getting said on a lot of feminist blogs that they're not there to educate people in the baby steps of feminism, that they want to discuss matters at a level which assumes a reasonable familiarity with feminist theories and models. And they're right, otherwise the same basic things just keep getting said over and over.

So I thought: why not set up a basic blog for those wanting to learn whether feminists really believe [insert media stereotype here]? Or whether it's true that "we" don't need feminism anymore, because women are already equal. Or just why feminists are so upset about stuff. Because there are way too many people out there who just don't know. They don't even know they don't know.

So, here we are. Maybe, despite the regular bitching about the lack of a feminist web-primer, noone's actually that interested. Or maybe we'll have a permanent flamewar between different stripes of feminists, or spend all our time fighting off MRAs.

Now, I'm not an academic theorist nor a lifelong activist, and I've still got much to learn myself. I know there are lots of links out there for basic and intermediate level feminist material, and nobody wants to reinvent the wheel. I'll be linking to the old soc.feminism FAQs in the sidebar, but they're a bit beyond basic theory. So please tell me all your favorite feminist theory links! I'll read them, and try and organise them into categories. Try not to get too advanced for beginning/intermediate readers.

Suggestions are welcome for any ideas on subject organisation etc, and anyone with strong ideas who wants to co-blog is welcome to email me to discuss it.

NOTE: This space is open to all who genuinely want to learn about feminism. Sincere questions are welcomed. Anti-feminist trolls are not welcome.


animeg said...

Should the radical women of color carnival be included too?

tigtog said...

Definitely, and thank you for the reminder.

I'm sorry that I never saw your comment earlier, as this blog has been pretty moribund.

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